Biological peptides for performance coatings


Robust and high coating density.


Oriented and surface specific.


Wide surface and application scope.


Coating in aqueous solution within minutes.

Use the potential of biological surface functionalisation

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Natural surfaces

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With our peptide based adhesion technology we are able to coat almost any surface with your target molecule

Anchor peptides: our platform technology for material functionalisation

Our platform for material functionalisation is based an anchor peptides, which enable the functionalisation of materials like metals, synthetic polymers, ceramic and natural materials. We have a library of more than 100 anchor peptides at our disposal to coat and funtionalize a broad portfolio of materials – strong, oriented and with high coating density. The binding capacity of our anchor peptides can be detected using fluorescent reporters among other options.

Material functionalisation through anchor peptides

Your base material forms the foundation. Material, form and condition are chosen specifically for the application. 

Our anchor peptides bind strong and oriented to your material. Binding can be adjusted using the PePevo und KnowVolution technologies.

A linker creates spatial separation between anchor peptide and your functionality. This avoids intramolecular interactions.

You choose the functionality for your application. Natural and non-natural functionalities can be deployed. Our technology delivers optimal immobilization and orientation.

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Advantages of our technology

1 High-performance coating

Our anchor peptides enable a strong, oriented and material specific attachment of your functionality. We usually achieve >90 % surface coating and can coat a surface of 250 m2  using 1 g of anchor peptide. 

2 Sustainable Coating process

Using our anchor peptide technology, your functionality can be applied to the material without any pretreatment.

3 Tailor-made for your application

Our extensive ready-to-use library of anchor peptides enables functionalisation of a broad portfolio of different materials.  Specific adjustment of the anchor peptides for your application is possible using our PePevo and KnowVolution technologies.

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