Do you want to modify a surface? We offer innovative coating solutions:

Immobilization of your target molecules

Tailoring of peptides to your applications

Activity improvement of immobilized enzymes

Increase specificity of binding to desired surface

Optimization of binding strength to your conditions

Tailor-made for you.

Modular project stages

Full control: Stop-and-go decision after every milestone

Transparent project execution

close communication

Our collaboration could look like this:

Peptide screening

Screening of our peptide library for your surface.
Duration: 1-3 months

Linker development

Screening of linkers to avoid intermolecular interactions (Optional)
Duration: 1 month


Deployment of PepEvo and KnowVolution to tailor the binding to your application needs.
Duration: 4-12 months

Tell us about your coating problem.

Together we will find an optimal solution.