We are a start-up company, that focusses on high-quality, innovative and bio-based coating solutions. We use a platform technology, that is based on material binding peptides or anchor peptides to enable the functionalisation of a broad portfolio of surfaces, that ranges from synthetic polymers to metal, ceramics and natural materials. This technology allows material functionalisation in water at room temperature, achieves high coating density of >90%, enables process intensification and saves cost. We are an interdisciplinary team based in Baesweiler and Aachen, that is supported by a strong network of experts in science and industry.  

The team


Julian Karl

Bewerbunsgbild Maximilian Nöth

Maximilian Nöth


Julian Luka

Unser Netzwerk

Schwaneberg Portrait

Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg
RWTH Aachen

Maurer Portrait

Prof. Karl-Heinz Maurer

Broering Portrait

Prof. Stefanie Bröring
Universität Bonn

Soezer Portrait

Dr. Nursen Sözer