We are a start-up company, that focusses on high-quality, innovative and bio-based coating solutions. We use a platform technology, that is based on material binding peptides or anchor peptides to enable the functionalisation of a broad portfolio of surfaces, that ranges from synthetic polymers to metal, ceramics and natural materials. This technology allows material functionalisation in water at room temperature, achieves high coating density of >90%, enables process intensification and saves cost. We are an interdisciplinary team based in Baesweiler and Aachen, that is supported by a strong network of experts in science and industry.  

The team

Unser Netzwerk

Schwaneberg Portrait

Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg
RWTH Aachen

Maurer Portrait

Prof. Karl-Heinz Maurer

Broering Portrait

Prof. Stefanie Bröring
Universität Bonn

Soezer Portrait

Dr. Nursen Sözer