Biological peptides for performance coatings


Robust and high coating density.


Oriented and surface specific.


Wide surface and application scope.

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With our peptide based adhesion technology we are able to coat almost any surface with your target molecule.

Our Anchorpeptides

Our anchorpeptides are the heart of our technology and enable a universal functionalization of surfaces. Our anchorpeptide library consists of more than 100 anchorpeptides allowing us to coat your surface – tight, oriented and with high density. The binding capability of our anchorpeptides can be determined with anchorpeptide fluorescence reporters.

The advantages of our technology

1 High-quality coating
Our peptides enable a tight and oriented immobilization of your functionality. Generally, we reach a surface coverage of >90 % and are able to coat 250 m2 surface with just 1 g of anchorpeptide.

2 Sustainable coating processes
In water, at room temperature, within minutes – with our adhesion technology we can apply conjugated functionalities sustainably, without purification and without blocking directly onto the surface.

3 Tailor-made for your application
Our extensive ready-to-use anchorpeptide library combined with our Pepevo and KnowVolution technologies enables the specific adjustment of our anchorpeptides towards the challenges of your application.

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Our coating

Your material is the basis of our coating process. You select material, form and size specifically for your application.

Our anchorpeptides bind tightly to your surface. The strong binding results from a variety of interactions of the anchorpeptide with the surface and can be adjusted specifically using directed evolution approaches.

Your functionality and our anchorpeptides are separated by a rigid linker. Using the linker intramolecular interactions can be avoided.

Your select your functionality arbitrarily for your application. Our technology guarantees optimal immobilization and orientation.

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